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Perfect Tips to Finding the Best Detroit Wedding Photographer


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Perfect Tips to Finding the Best Detroit Wedding Photographer

Robert Hall

An excellent guide in ensuring you have the perfect match when choosing your Detroit wedding photographer.

I recently stumbled on this article by Mike Allebach, a Philadelphia wedding photographer , and had to share because I think these tips will help any bride find the best wedding photographer for their special day.

While I agree with 80% of the list, I will present a few things that I feel differently about.


2. Choose a professional WEDDING photographer

I'm half and half on this. I agree you shouldn't be looking up sports photographers to document your wedding, but don't fear a multi-specialized photographer. The single biggest factor in me becoming a successful wedding photographer, was my skill sets developed in other categories of photography. My landscape work taught me how to manipulate environments. Doing product photography gave me the ability to properly light any type of material, which immediately translated to beautiful detail shots. School portraiture taught me how to determine a person's most flattering angle ( not to mention that if I can get a perfect head shot of 350 kindergartners before school is out, getting great images out of the picture-hating groomsmen will be no problem ). The best photographers in the world are those that can succeed in any scenario. Given the variety of weddings, its best to find someone who is well-rounded.


4. Delete your Pinterest boards.

I feel Pinterest is a powerful tool for a photographer and couple to ensure they are on the same page. I don't think brides should use Pinterest as a measuring stick, that is, to create a standard that a photographer must surpass. If you have developed ideas from something you have seen elsewhere, I'm completely open to them, however Pinterest should not be used to mold your photographer into something they are not. You must be in love with my personal portfolio, not the entire planet's.


6. No Laser lights ever

I can understand laser lights being problematic for a natural light photographer, however there is no reason to sacrifice your choice of ambiance to make our job "easier". I personally feel a professional photographer should be able to incorporate or remove laser lights completely when they are present. I generally swap between making them nonexistent and later bringing them out. As for those laser lights breaking our cameras, unless you have Skrillex or Deadmau5 as your wedding DJ, you have nothing to worry about.


One thing I would like to double communicate, is the importance of reducing the unnecessary capture of your day with guest electronics. It has become an extreme issue. Every wedding now has phones, phablets, and iPads pointing down the aisle so everyone has their own personal token. While I understand that your guests are excited to be a part of your day, wedding professionals will have much more success if this is reduced or eliminated. I have had the most beautiful moments ruined by an incoming iPad. Hell, one time while kneeling during the first dance, someone used my head as a tripod for their iPad video. Feel free to grab a quick shot with friends and family on their devices throughout the day (#4life) but please communicate that nobody should be in the middle of the aisle during your first kiss. I promise, my photo will be better.

Robert Hall is a photographer servicing Michigan and beyond in commercial, editorial, and wedding photography. He aims to be the best choice in affordable wedding photographers. View more of his work at his full site Robert Hall Photography