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60 Seconds of Wedding Photography


A Blog showcasing current work and information from the affordable wedding photographers of Robert Hall Photography.

60 Seconds of Wedding Photography

Robert Hall

Immeasureable emotion takes place in a mere 60 seconds

As I edited our most recent wedding, I found myself pausing quite a bit during the ceremony, just to admire all the layers of emotion that was taking place in each image. While the commercial wedding photography industry is 99% focused on the bride and groom, my experience has taught me to constantly keep an eye on the family and guests of the wedding, as often times the most striking stories unfold in their emotional response to the day. I thought I'd give a quick glimpse into all that can take place in just a short moment at a wedding.

It starts with the biggest moment of the day, as the bride makes her way down the aisle.

The guests smile and admired her beauty, and the grooms eyes were even more focused. With his best man at his side, he anxiously waits.

As they reach the end of the aisle, Dad officially hands off his daughter to his future son in law, as the bride's mother looks on.

There is a long and heartwarming exchange, as family members from both sides are moved.

Finally, the father of the bride embraces the newest member of his family, and surely lends some wise words.

The long walk is over, and the couple finally gets to settle in next to each other for a beautiful ceremony.